Chassis-based switch/Router configuration 

Configuration, Software Upgrades and Installation

Server Hardware Build

Structured Cabling solutions

*Load customer-preferred IOS.
*Pre-install all line cards,power on and test.
*Install memory upgrades.
*Verify supervisor module.
*license Instalation.
*If required pre-load costumer configuration.
*Final check, inventory and test log.

Including desktops and servers 
Hard drives 
Network cards wired and wireless 
Video cards and other peripherals

*Standard O/S and business software load 
*Bespoke software setup or image deployment
*Firmware installation
*Blade hardware build and enclosure integration
*Rack integration (i.e. PSUs, server install, KVMs, etc)
*HP EVA integration
*Project staging and rollout
*Asset tagging

Cabling is the lifeline of your IT network, transmitting the voice, data, and video signals you depend on each day for your critical business activities. 
Your cabling system may be the smallest part of your network investment, but as the network component with the longest lifecycle, it can deliver significant, 
long-lasting benefits.



  • Chassis-based switch/Router configuration.

  • Configuration, Software Upgrades and Installation.

  • Server Hardware Build.

  • Structured Cabling solutions

  • I.T Services 

  • Repair Services

  • Network Automation.

  • Remote Support

  • Wireless 

  • Surveillance Systems



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